Experimentation bases stimulating collaboration and implementation of AI in local industries.

Artificial intelligence will have profound impact on a number of business sectors. It is time to take action and implement these technologies.

Bases.ai will provide businesses a customized experimentation base which will allow them to develop, test and integrate solutions relying on artificial intelligence.

Infrastructure such as workspaces, testing rooms, industrial robots as well as super calculators will be made available to partners.


Our first targets.


Increase the efficiency of manufacturing processes while improving quality and reducing costs.


Optimize storage space and automate operational logistics.


Maximize the use of resources for sustainable crops with better yields.


Save energy by accurately analysing consumption over time and space.

Our Bases

Bases.ai will be present in several regions and will rely on their industrial expertise.


Bases.ai announces the acquisition of the company SenseAI and its industrial data collection platform

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Bases.ai announces the addition of two veterans in Quebec’s tech industry to its management team

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The new company Bases.ai wants to broaden access to artificial intelligence for business owners in the Quebec region

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