The new company wants to broaden access to artificial intelligence for business owners in the Quebec region

A total investment of $150 million within 5 years

Lévis, July 10, 2018 – Because artificial intelligence is already affecting the competitiveness and the sustainability of companies here, two Quebec entrepreneurs have gotten together to found, a new organization which has chosen as its mission to act as the missing link between theory and practice. Business owners, institutions and leaders of Capitale-Nationale and of Chaudière-Appalaches in the Quebec province will be able to take advantage of a customized experimentation base which will allow them to develop, test and integrate solutions relying on artificial intelligence and thus to take advantage of opportunities which had never been explored before. The two co-founders project a total investment of $150 million within the next five years, not counting anticipated spin-offs.

“Data represents the main challenge of artificial intelligence, and in particular machine learning. With, we offer business owners here the infrastructure necessary for the development of applied solutions. In addition, by going to meet business owners and regional leaders, we will be creating the opportunity to understand the real needs of the businesses,” emphasized Martin Bouchard, serial entrepreneur and one of the architects of Accompanied by his business partner Vincent Thibault, co-founder of the organization, he will be making a tour of the province, which will allow them to identify new potentials bases and to select new partners, during the next year, to bring benefits to the regional economy.

An approach centered on experimentation under real conditions’s approach is unique. Gathered together on a customized experimentation site, experts, as well as those who are involved daily in the work of the partner business, will have the opportunity to test, then to integrate, projects that could lead to significant improvements. Infrastructure such as workspaces, testing rooms, industrial robots as well as super calculators will be made available to partners. Also, collaboration among these individuals will allow for significant economies of scale. At first, will be aiming at the factory, warehouse, agriculture and energy sectors, the areas that are the most favourable to the integration of artificial intelligence and which occupy a significant place in the economy of the region.

“If some people perceive artificial intelligence as a threat, we prefer to see in it a world of opportunity. By identifying, collecting, then adding value to data that are produced by large, but also medium-sized and small companies, it becomes possible to propel them to be among the best in the world,” added Martin Bouchard, cofounder.

While taking advantage of the fact that the city is rising to the rank of an international capital in the development of artificial intelligence, the team at has given itself the mission of building the bridges that will ensure that all of Quebec can take full advantage of the national expertise, and which will also make it possible for business owners’ know-how to enrich the work of researchers. thus plans to multiply partnerships in order to weave a network of pertinent exchanges and of solid interrelationships. “It is essential that businesses here integrate artificial intelligence into their business activities. However, we must ensure that these solutions fit into their growth plan and generate a real return on investment,” asserted Vincent Thibault. also plans to facilitate the creation of businesses that desire to take advantage of government subsidy programs by collaborating with local stakeholders in economic development.


With future facilities to be built in Lévis, is the fruit of a meeting between Martin Bouchard and Vincent Thibaut, two visionary entrepreneurs who have created a business capable of acting as the missing link between theory and practice in the area of artificial intelligence. Motivated by the desire to facilitate access to international expertise in this area, it is offering customized experimentation bases which will improve competitiveness and sustainability of Quebec’s businesses whatever their business activity might be. The multiples experimentation bases developed in the main regions of the Quebec province will allow, in time, to have an impact on the entire Quebec business ecosystem.


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Jean-Alexandre D’Etcheverry

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